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The Figmentz have been performing around the Far South Coast for over 10 years, inspiring and uplifting their audiences. Having to take time out after the devasting bushfires in their region and during the lockdowns the Figmentz have responded by writing and recording an album of songs that speak to caring for our environment, sustainability and songs about love and understanding.  

Four of their original songs were recorded by the brilliant Bill Brown (Former ABC producer) at the Soundshell, Four Winds, Bermagui, audio production by Simon Smith and Ian Battersby.

Please check out our videos here

The album is planned to be released March 2022.

Our Story: Text

Dave Crowden, bassist and vocalist, along with drummer Ken Vatcher and local legend singer/guitarist Andy O’Donnell formed The Figmentz in 2009.  They soon became a crowd favourite performing at local venues and becoming top billing for local events.  In 2015 John Drews joined the band on Hammond and keyboards bringing his Sydney musical experiences to the table. 

Wanting to reach a wider audience, the Figmentz’ spectaculars were born, large theme shows attracting enthusiastic audiences and drawing on other local talents to supplement the band.  The first of these large theme shows was a celebration of the life of Joe Cocker. This show was so successful that it was presented over 20 times including at several major venues in the area. These spectaculars have become a signature of the Figmentz.  ‘The Soul Shakedown Show’ was a highlight of the Cobargo Folk Festival in 2017.  In October 2019 the Woodstock revisited show was a massive success which sold out so quickly that follow up shows were inevitable. The Figmentz performance of Beatles tune, “With a Little Help from my friends” at the Tathra Band Together bushfire relief concert in 2018 was a sensation and garnered national attention.  

The band changed directions in early 2019 with the departure of Andy O’Donnell on other adventures.  Local guitar hero Don Ryan and Stacey Mills lead vocalist were brought on board to the delight of the Figmentz followers.  The Sapphire Horn section, comprising Georgi Hargraves sax, Helen Gill trumpet and Oscar Gill sax, brought in for the Joe Cocker show had also become a regular feature.  Franz Peters brilliant vocalist and keyboard player joined the band on the retirement of John Drews in late 2019 and Franz quickly became a cornerstone of the Figmentz sound.  

The devastating impact of the COVID pandemic on the music scene around the world, led The Figmentz to take stock, as life as we knew it changed.  The band came out of lockdown with a condensed new 6 piece line up that maintained the wonderful vocal array and heavenly harmonies, the horn section excitement and a tight rhythm section.  Candy McVeity a favourite with South Coast audiences has joined the band bringing her considerable skills as a singer songwriter and sax player to complete the new lineup.

The new tight 6-piece line up encapsulates The Figmentz vibrant sound without compromise.

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