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Dave Crowden - bass, vocals

Dave Crowden

Dave is the bass player, vocalist, songwriter and founding member of The Figmentz. Dave has performed with bands and ensembles in Tasmania in the 1970’s , Melbourne in the 80’s and Southeast NSW for the last 30 years . He was the Festival director and Artistic director of the Cobargo folk festival from 2014 taking it to its most successful year in 2019. Dave is the most respected music teacher in the region with international artists Daniel Champagne and Kim Churchill, among others, proud to call him their mentor. He is the foundation on which the Figmentz are built.

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Ken Vatcher - drums, vocals

Ken Vatcher

As a senior member and co-founder of the Figmentz, Ken is the driver of the bus with his rock steady grooves and amazing solos on the drums. Ken has had an extensive history in the music industry as a teacher, a recording artist and performer. From the jazz world of Don Burrows and Vince Jones, having a number 2 hit in Melbourne in the 70’s, performing at the Rock for The Royals command performance for Prince Charles and Princess Dianna, to an accapalla vocal harmony performance for the Pope, Ken has done it all.

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Candy McVeity - vocals, sax


Candy is an accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and has performed in many ensembles, and as a solo artist since she was a teenager. She is a dedicated and passionate musician and music educator. Since joining the figmentz she has contributed original songs as well as fabulous vocals and sax playing.

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Don Ryan  - guitar


As lead guitarist for the Figmentz Don brings a huge talent to the band. The first call guitarist for so many, Don has rightly earned the respect of the music community for his incredible musicianship. He has been a member of some of the most popular and successful groups in our regions since the 70’s. Having worked with heavyweights such as Jack Sonni (Dire Straits) and the most popular South Coast groups of the 80’s, Jack Tar and The Duck, Don is a legend in the eyes of his peers. His inclusion in the Figmentz has taken the band to another level.

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Georgi Hargraves - sax, vocals


Georgi is a Sydney born multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years performance experience on the sax. Georgi loves to play music that helps audiences feel something...connect...go wild. She thrives on high energy, feel good vibe tunes. She is a passionate music educator. She now calls the Far South Coast home.

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Franz Peters - vocals, keyboards


Franz began his musical career in Sydney. His music led him to northern NSW playing around Armidale and the north coast, before moving back to Sydney to take up a brief residency with the band Nature Support.

Franz moved to the NSW far south coast in 1981 and has since performed in numerous musical line ups, in session work and as a solo performer.

During the mid ‘90s Franz worked with Yellow Box, a studio project producing 4 albums from Turingal Studio. In 1999, Franz was invited to join other session musicians from Turingal to perform at the North by North West Music and New Media conference held in Portland Oregon. 

Franz’ brilliant vocals and keyboard skills are the cornerstone of the Figmentz vibrant sound.

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Simon Smith - sound production


 Simon Smith is the seventh member of the band. He is a sound man extraordinaire (and a drummer in his own right)  Simon started mixing his own band about 20 years ago, progressing under the tutelage of sound maestro John McVeity, to mixing touring bands from Sydney and interstate and renown acts like Kitty Flanagan. Simon's professional sound production highlights the Figmentz music.

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